If Sunday’s Super Bowl (3 p.m., Fox) turns out to be a stinker of a game, there are always the commercials to keep you interested. Thirty seconds of airtime will cost $3 million, so advertisers are trying to make it count, unveiling their best efforts for the most-watched event of the TV year.

Unlike previous years, many of the new ads are available to be seen beforehand. Here are a few of the more buzzworthy:

Planters peanuts gets animated with a new character: Alejandro:

My favorite so far, Volkswagon’s mini-Darth Vader:

A meta Camaro commercial aimed at meatheads:

Bugs creep me out, but Volkswagon’s “Black Beetle” is pretty cool:

Hyundai makes its new model out to be a huge technological breakthrough. I like the zeppelin in the background:

A pretty lame “Transformers” themed Chevy ad:

The CareerBuilder.com chimps are back, and parking worse than ever:

Kenny G: Professional prison riot suppressor. Thanks, Audi:

Doritos gets into wish fulfillment. Um, yeah kid, that’s a fireman’s pole:

The creepy E*Trade talking babies are back:

HomeAway.com smacks around a test baby:

First impressions? Do you love the Darth Vader one as much as I do? Are you already tired of the new GoDaddy.com ad with Danica Patrick (I didn’t include it, but come on, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all).

There are more here, and plenty more still to be unveiled Sunday, including a Skechers commercial starring Kim Kardashian’s butt, Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber for Best Buy and Eminem hawking Pepsi.

You know, in a strange way, I kinda miss the ol’ Bud Bowl.