Watch it

“Modern Family” (9 p.m., ABC). The Dunphy kids try to surprise their parents with breakfast in bed and walk in on them . . . um, yeah. Awkward. Especially with Phil involved. Meanwhile, Cameron and Mitchell lust after a table at a cool new restaurant opened by the always hilarious Rachael Harris.

“Cougar Town” (9:30 p.m., ABC). This is the episode that got bumped last week: The gang argues about whether men or women make the best friends, and then test the limits of how annoying they can be to each other.

“Top Chef All-Stars” (10 p.m., Bravo). Ooooh, it’s Restaurant Wars. That’s always the highlight of the season.

Record it

“American Idol” (8 p.m., Fox). Season premiere. New judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler join the ratings juggernaut for its 10th season, and they promise a kinder, gentler approach than what Simon Cowell brought. But will that make for good, honest talent evaluation, or even good TV? Whether a breath of fresh air or a train wreck, it should be an interesting season.

“Blue Bloods” (10 p.m., NBC). The Tom Selleck cop drama was doing so well on Fridays, NBC is moving it to a better night. Tonight, the gang investigate a call girl’s murder as well as a 25-year-old cold case with a missing boy.

Skip it

“Off the Map” (10 p.m., ABC). The doctors have to save a wildlife photographer from being eaten by an anaconda. Oh, if only the show was as exciting as that sounds.

“Restaurant Impossible” (10 p.m., Food Network). Series premiere. Ever seen “Kitchen Nightmares”? Then you’ve seen this before. And if you’ve seen the original British version, “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares,” you’ve seen it done much better. It’s kinda ridiculous how every new Food Network series seems like a ripoff of another show. This one stars Aussie celebrity chef Robert Irvin, who’ll dole out tough love and a makeover to revitalize failing restaurants.