Could the San Francisco Giants be the next team to be profiled on a behind-the-scenes TV series? is reporting that Showtime is talking with producer Mike Tollin to make a baseball docu-series focusing on the World Series champs, much in the vein of HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” which focuses on a different NFL team every year.

UPDATE: This is officially a go. Production has begun on a one-hour show following the Giants. No premiere date yet, but there’ll be a one-hour special on opening day.

Tollin was a producer for ESPN’s “30 for 30” series of sports documentaries, as well as ESPN’s ill-fated “Bonds on Bonds” docu-series in 2006.

Now I’m completely biased in favor of this (geez, I might even have to get Showtime then), but speaking as objectively as possible, this has tremendous potential. Apart from the underdog story and general likability of their scrappy players, the Giants have a clubhouse full of walking soundbites — Brian Wilson, Pat Burrell and Tim “F— Yeah!” Lincecum, for starters — who could make for some highly entertaining television. And since it’s premium cable, Showtime could show so much more of “The Machine” than you’d ever want to see. (Yikes.)

What do you think — would you watch? Would Lincecum drop more f-bombs than Rex Ryan on “Hard Knocks”? And in a network crossover, could Pablo Sandoval be featured on NBC’s “Biggest Loser”?

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