Christmas is coming early for Giants fans. Well, it already did, with the Giants winning their first World Series in more than half a century last month. But now it’s time to revel in the glory and relive those games on TV and DVD, only this time without feeling the crushing tension. (Don’t worry, you’ll still get goosebumps.)

CSN-BA will re-air key games from the Giants’ playoff and World Series run starting Thursday night. And the best part: You won’t have to listen to the lame TBS or Fox announcers again. Each game will feature the KNBR radio play-by-play, with Kruk and Kuip, Jon Miller and Dave Flemming.

Here’s the broadcast schedule, culminating with the World Series clincher on Christmas Eve:

8 p.m. Thursday: NLDS, Game 1. Tim Lincecum’s 2-hit, 14-strikeout gem.

7 p.m. Saturday: NLCS, Game 4. Juan Uribe’s walk-off sac fly.

7 p.m. Dec. 15: NLCS, Game 6. For my money, the best of the bunch. Uribe smacks a go-ahead homer in the 8th and the Giants win the pennant.

7 p.m., Dec. 17: World Series, Game 1. The Giants tee off on Cliff Lee.

7:30 p.m., Dec. 23: World Series, Game 4. The night Madison Bumgarner became a hero.

8 p.m. Dec. 24: World Series, Game 5. Lincecum, Renteria, Wilson. And the Giants win the World Series.

And if that’s not enough, there’s a great stocking stuffer out there that every Giants fan will want (hint hint): The World Series Collector’s Edition DVD from MLB Productions. Now, an official World Series DVD has already been released, but that’s only an hour of highlights. The collector’s edition is where it’s at: 8 discs, every World Series game in its entirety, plus the complete Games 4 and 6 of the NLDS. It’s got pre- and post-game interviews, highlights and features four audio tracks, so you can listen to play-by-play from Fox (but why?), both the Giants’ and Rangers’ radio broadcasts, and the Fox Spanish-language broadcast. It comes out next Tuesday. It’s pricier ($44.99 on Amazon vs. $13.99 for the highlight video), but sounds totally worth it.

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