Michael Raymond-James, left, and Donal Logue in "Terriers." (FX photo)

Time to report some disappointing but not unexpected news: FX’s brilliant but largely unwatched “Terriers” has been canceled. The breezy, private-investigator, buddy action/comedy/mystery just never found an audience, even by basic cable standards.

The LA Times has a great blog post where FX president John Landgraf explains what happened: In a nutshell, he says “Terriers” was a creative success but a commercial failure. It was subtle and nuanced show, and, by and large, those aren’t qualities you see in hit shows these days. It’s a good read to see how a network like FX thinks. And realistically, it’s hard to argue with his reasoning.

If you never watched “Terriers” (and there are a lot of you out there), it’ll definitely be worth checking out on DVD whenever it comes out. It ends on a good series-finale note, so just think of it as a 13-episode miniseries.