Watch it

“Survivor: Nicaragua” (8 p.m., CBS). The previews make it sound like the remaining castaways finally turn against NaOnka. About time. But I won’t believe it until I see it.

“Terriers” (10 p.m., FX). The season (and maybe series?) finale has Hank desperately trying to expose the big conspiracy before more bodies fall, and Britt facing the consequences of his actions. I’ve heard advance reviews that this episode is terrific, and wraps things up nicely if, indeed, the show gets canceled.

“Conan” (11 p.m., TBS). After a couple of weeks of pretty lame guests, there’s finally, a lineup worth watching. Tonight it’s Joel McHale, Tim Gunn and musical guest Cake.

Record it

“Human Target” (8 p.m., Fox). Chance teams up with Ames to pull a doublecross on a diamond heist.

“MythBusters” (9 p.m., Discovery). The team bugs out and tests myths about insects.

“Top Chef All Stars” (10 p.m., Bravo). Season premiere. This would be a must-watch if not for “Terriers.” 18 favorite chefs from past seasons face off in New York, and Anthony Bourdain joins the judging lineup. This should give the series a much-needed shot in the arm after a few lackluster seasons in a row.

“Psych” (10 p.m., USA). Shawn and Gus investigate a teen’s drowning in a small town in an episode that pays homage to David Lynch’s late, great “Twin Peaks.” Ray Wise, Sherilyn Fenn and Sheryl Lee even guest-star. This should be highly entertaining if you were a “Twin Peaks” fan back in the day.

“Celebrity Rehab” (10 p.m., MTV). Season premiere. Only for its potential trainwreck appeal. This year’s recovering addicts include Leif Garrett, Janice Dickinson, Jeremy London and Jason Wahler.

Skip it

“The President’s Book of Secrets” (9 p.m., History). Ostensibly about all the super-secret stuff presidents are privy to. But guess what? They’re secret. So expect a whole lot of speculation and not a single revelation as to where the alien bodies are being kept frozen (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, shhhh!).

Grammy Nominations Concert Live (10 p.m., CBS). The list of nominees is announced for the most out-of-touch award show out there, and Justin Bieber and Katy Perry perform. Run.