Don’t call it “all-stars” because, well, they’re not, but look for some familiar faces next season on “The Amazing Race.”

The spoiler-digging folks over at Reality Fan Forum have beat CBS to the punch and leaked the identities of the teams for the upcoming 18th season, which is currently being filmed. It’s an odd bunch: Not exactly all-stars, maybe more like “fan favorites” from recent seasons. And I do mean recent: All the competitors are from the past six seasons, including a whopping five from Season 14. None won their respective seasons, and all were chosen since the last all-star edition in Season 11.

They are:

Ronald & Christina and Kynt & Vyxsin from Season 12.

Jamie & Cara, Margie & Luke, Kisha & Jen, Mel & Mike and Amanda & Kris from Season 14.

Flight Time & Big Easy and Zev & Justin from Season 15.

Jet & Cord from Season 16.

Gary & Mallory from the current Season 17.

Quick thoughts: I’ll be glad to see Mel & Mike, Zev & Justin and Jet & Cord again. Not so much with Jamie & Cara and Margie & Luke. The rest? Meh. With so many memorable teams spread out over the 17 previous seasons, it’s a little disappointing to see the field plucked from only five seasons (and no one from Season 13? How bad was that season?).

Gotta say, there are a ton of pre-Season 11 racers I’d rather see than most of these more recent ones. Off the top of my head, how about Momily and Frank & Margarita from Season 1, Colin & Christie from Season 5 and Kris & Jon from Season 6? And I’ll never get tired of Oswald & Danny (Seasons 2 and 11), Dustin & Kandice (Seasons 10 and 11) and Rob & Amber (Seasons 7 and 11).

Next season, by the way, will be shot entirely in HD for the first time. That should be great in terms of soaking in exotic locations, but maybe a little scary when it comes to seeing Kynt & Vyxsin’s pancake makeup. Look for Season 18 to air in the spring.

What do you think? Will some familiar faces make next season more compelling? Who are you happiest to see return? And who’s missing who you’d love to see again?

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