Watch it

“Chuck” (8 p.m., NBC). This lackluster season is starting to annoy me. I had much higher hopes. But this episode sounds promising: Casey is pursued by former colleagues and Chuck makes progress finding his mother. Eric Roberts guest-stars.

Record it

“How I Met Your Mother” (8 p.m., CBS). Speaking of being annoyed by underwhelming episodes . . . Tonight Ted falls for a preservationist who opposes his new building.

Catch a score

Yankees vs. Rangers (5 p.m., TBS). Game 3 from New York. Finally, Cliff Lee gets his chance to pitch. He’d might as well just stay in town, he’ll probably be a Yankee next season anyway.

Titans vs. Jaguars (5;30 p.m., ESPN). Two inconsistent teams, but it could be an entertaining game if they both pull it together.

Skip it

“The Event” (9 p.m., NBC). Never mind what I said a few weeks ago, it’s pretty much become “FlashForward,” jerking viewers around and making absolutely no sense. I have better things to waste my time on.

“Rock of Love Girls: Where Are They Now?” (9 p.m., VH1). Um, free health clinics? What, isn’t this a joke?

“Bret Michaels: Life as I Know It” (10 p.m., VH1). With a new lease on life after his brush with death, the aging rock star tries to balance his family and rock’n’roll. I’m not sure where the legions of skanks fit in, but I’m sure he hasn’t given them up.