Victory! (Fox photo)

Fox’s “Raising Hope” has become the first new series of the fall to be picked up for a full season. An additional nine episodes were ordered Wednesday. The screwball let’s-put-the-baby-in-mortal-danger sitcom from “My Name Is Earl” creator Greg Garcia has been doing decently in the ratings, keeping a little more than half the audience of “Glee,” which leads into it.

Not so good news for the show that follows “Hope” though: “Running Wilde” has been bleeding viewers for the past few weeks. Thirteen episodes have been shot, and they’ll probably all air, but its chances of survival past that seem slim. A recent New York Magazine interview with “Wilde” producer Mitch Hurwitz (click here to read it) makes it sound like Fox is hell-bent on stifling any creativity the “Arrested Development” creator brings and is intent on dumbing down the series as much as possible. (I watched Tuesday’s episode and can confirm: It’s still dumb.)

Meanwhile, over at NBC, production has been halted on what is possibly the most ridiculous new series of the season, “Outlaw.” Five more episodes of the legal drama, which stars Jimmy Smits as a Supreme Court justice-turned-crusading lawyer, have been shot but have yet to air. While the show isn’t technically dead yet, it probably will be once those episodes are done, unless a whole lot of people start watching real soon.

That would make “Outlaw” the third casualty of the fall, along with Fox’s “Lone Star” and ABC’s “My Generation,” which was canceled last week after two episodes.