Watch it

Padres vs. Giants (7 p.m., CSN-BA). If the Giants win, they win the division. Simple as that. And with Matt Cain on the mound, I like their chances.

Record it

“The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret” (7 and 11 p.m., IFC). Series premiere. David Cross (“Arrested Development”) stars in this six-episode comedy series as Todd, a clueless temp in Portland who, through a misunderstanding, gets promoted to London to supervise the British rollout of a horrible-tasting energy drink (North Korean-made Thunder Muscle). Will Arnett plays his ridiculously profane and bullying boss. Once Todd’s across the pond he gets into a series of misadventures that eventually lead to criminal charges of funding a terrorist organization, possessing biological weapons, possession of child pornography, blackmail, espionage, embezzlement, drug running and public urination, among others. I saw the pilot and it’s good, but not great. But it’s not like there’s much else worth watching on a Friday night, so if you’re looking for laughs and aren’t offended by foul language, check it out.

“Teach: Tony Danza” (10 p.m., A&E). Series premiere. A new reality show that follows Tony Danza — yes, that Tony Danza — as he tries being a high school teacher for a year in Philadelphia. As horribly misguided as it sounds, it’s actually getting good reviews (click the links for the LA Times and Philadelphia Inquirer reviews). Sounds like he’s sincere in wanting to help kids, he cares passionately about his mission (he cries four times in the pilot) and if nothing else, the show sheds light on how tough it is to be a teacher. Could be worth a look.

“Blue Bloods” (10 p.m., CBS). The family deals with a subway vigilante. This seems like one of the better new shows of the fall. Tom Selleck is never not watchable.

Skip it

“Beyond Survival with Les Stroud” (10 p.m., Discovery). Les hangs out with Inuits in the Arctic, and eats seal eyeballs. Excuse me while I throw up.