In what could be a cataclysmic development for Discovery, the Hollywood Reporter is saying “Deadliest Catch” captains Jonathan and Andy Hillstrand and Sig Hansen have left the show.

The Hillstrand brothers were sued for $3 million earlier this month by the network, which claimed they backed out of a spinoff show. The three reportedly issued a statement this afternoon saying that litigation makes them “unable” to continue with the series. Hansen isn’t involved in the lawsuit, but is standing in solidarity with his fellow captains. E Online reports:

“In response to the lawsuit, Hansen said, “I want people to know the captains stand together, and me and my brothers support them 100 percent.”

The reality show that follows Alaskan crab fishermen is Discovery’s highest-rated series, and one of the top-rated series on cable. But could this be the end of it? “Deadliest Catch” was already down one captain after the death of Phill Harris earlier this year. For a series that’s as much — if not more — about the personalities as the action, losing four of the most charismatic ship captains could be devastating. The seventh season is due to start shooting next month. That might change now.

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What do you think? Will you still watch without Captains Jonathan, Andy and Sig?

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