So Monday was the jumbo season premiere night, with three of the most-hyped new series debuting: “Lone Star” on Fox, “The Event” on NBC and “Hawaii Five-O” on CBS.

I caught “Hawaii Five-O” but haven’t seen the others yet, or the season premiere for “Chuck” (NBC). Gotta wait for those to appear on On Demand.

Viewers flocked to “Hawaii Five-O” and “The Event,” but “Lone Star” got really disappointing ratings, about a third of the audience that those other two shows had. That may not bode well for it lasting a full season.

Any thoughts on those shows? I thought “Hawaii Five-O” was pretty much as expected (here’s my review): Kinda stupid and overblown in a Jerry Bruckheimer way, but decent eye candy. Is any already hooked on “The Event”? Or is it too convoluted? Did anyone at all watch “Lone Star”? Leave a comment and tell us your first impressions.