Turns out Sunday’s season finale was the last chance to hang out with the gang from “My Boys.” Word is out today that TBS has canceled the sitcom after four little-watched seasons.

It’s too bad. “My Boys,” which starred Jordana Spiro as a female sportswriter with her group of (mostly) guy friends, was one of the better comedies on basic cable, light and breezy and hugely likable. And the cast had great chemistry that made the show better than it should have been. I’ll miss it. Seemed like the writers had an idea this could happen —  Sunday’s finale worked pretty well as a series ender, with each character settling on a new path in life.

It’s too soon to tell if this is good news for a couple of cast members; both Spiro and co-star Kyle Howard were dropped from NBC’s upcoming romantic comedy anthology “Love Bites” because of possible scheduling conflicts. But shooting on that series has been delayed by co-star Becki Newton’s pregnancy. Spiro and Howard’s roles have already been recast, but who knows, maybe they can be recast again.

CORRECTION: Howard was cast in NBC’s “Perfect Couples.” Which, plot-wise, is pretty similar to “Love Bites.” Same deal about his role having to be recast though.

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