CBS announced the cast for the upcoming 17th edition of “The Amazing Race” earlier today. The race begins in Gloucester, Mass., and includes stops in Ghana, Bangladesh and the Arctic Circle. The season starts Sunday, Sept. 26, with a 90-minute episode (woo hoo!). I’ll handicap the field and give my predictions in the next couple of days, so check back. (UPDATE: It’s up. Click here.) Here’s a quick look at the teams:

Andie & Jenna, 43 and 21, a birth mother and daughter recently reunited 20 years after giving the daughter up for adoption.

Brook & Claire, 27 and 30, friends and home shopping network hosts.

Chad & Stephanie, 26 and 23, newly dating couple from Florida.

Connor & Jonathan, both 22, best friends who are in an a cappella group at Princeton.

Gary & Mallory, 53 and 24, father-daughter; she’s Miss Kentucky 2009.

Jill & Thomas, 27 and 30, dating.

Katie & Rachel, 23 and 24, beach volleyball players.

Michael & Kevin, 58 and 20, Internet comedian and his father.

Nat & Kat, 30 and 35, doctors.

Nick & Vicki, both 26, dating.

Ron & Tony, 45 and 42, best friends.

Get more details at the CBS site, and check back here in the next couple of days for a detailed breakdown, my first impressions and predictions. (UPDATE: It’s up. Click here.)

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