Watch it

“Burn Notice” (9 p.m., USA). It’s the mid-season finale already, and Jesse’s coming gunning for Michael. This one looks even more explosion-riffic than usual. Expect a nice cliffhanger ending.

“Futurama” (10 p.m., Comedy Central). Scary alien Lrrr faces a midlife crisis after bungling an invasion of Earth.

Record it

“Cereal: Beyond the Bowl” (8 p.m., Discovery). A look at impact cereal has has on global events and culture. Seriously. It sounds ridiculous, but I have a feeling it’ll be shockingly interesting and informative.

“Project Runway” (9 p.m., Lifetime). The designers have to work in pairs and match fashion to fashionable hairstyles.

“Jersey Shore” (10 p.m., MTV). Sammi finds the anonymous note and dumps Ronnie. Again. You know it’s a slow season when this one event has taken three weeks to play out. Meanwhile, the boys go creeping.

“No Reservations” (10 p.m., Travel). This is more of a reminder to me to record this episode, which has Tony revisiting Beirut after his previous visit was interrupted by a war. I missed it when it first aired Monday. It gives those of you who missed it a second chance too — it can’t help but be an eye-opening look into a city trying to rebuild.

Skip it

“Family Style” (10:30 p.m., Food Network). Anyone watching “Next Food Network Star” knew Aria was toast once they started showing previews for this new series, since it uses the same name she wanted for her prospective show.  Her show would have been more watchable — this one looks super annoying, and watching the brother gives you Ed Hardy overload.

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