Just another shameless plug here for my Twitter feed (twitter.com/thatwarmglow), which is chock-full of news, comments and links that I’m too lazy to turn into full-blown blog posts. Here’s some of what you’ve missed in the past week:

Not sure who’s stupider: Gia for botching the outsiders’ plan, or me for watching ‘Bachelor Pad’ again.

‘Next Food Network Stars’ Aarti and Tom are getting shows. But nothing for Herb. Yet. http://bit.ly/cpoTBt

EW has the new ‘Gossip Girl’ trailer. The bad news: It’s still ‘Gossip Girl’; the good news: It’s in Paris. http://bit.ly/axCgc7

HBO is bringing ‘Life & Times of Tim’ back from the dead. http://bit.ly/dfzlOb

Santa Rosa pride: 2 Russian River Brewing Co beers named among 3 best on the planet. Glug glug glug. Mmmm. http://tinyurl.com/2fpnnnb

This just in: ABC to ruin “MI-5.” http://tinyurl.com/2vknajh

And for the Twitter doubters out there, I’ve gotta tell ya, it’s a great source for overall breaking news and random insights, if you pick the right feeds to follow — news, entertainment, sports, whatever. I’m following a handful of Giants beat writers and their running commentary during games is fantastic. Give it a look.