Jennifer Lopez, right, with an unidentified boy.

Breaking news tonight in the wake of Ellen Degeneres’ departure from “American Idol”: multiple websites are reporting that Jennifer Lopez will come on board to replace her. It’s all unconfirmed as of yet, and lord knows you can’t trust everything you read on the gossip sites, but still . . . . . kinda interesting.

Click here for’s report, which says Ellen wanted out for months and JLo has been in talks for the past month. It also says the show’s producers want Elton John to replace Simon Cowell, only he wants a boatload of money. (They’d probably settle for a truckload.) is seconding the JLo move, and adds that Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler will be a judge as well.

However this all shakes out, the one certainty is that the show you’ll watch next year will be vastly different than the one you’ve been watching. The NY Times describes it as a “wholesale makeover” for the show.

Check out my colleague Bill Pinella’s Idol Chatter blog for his take on the situation. What do you fans think? I already heard one person in the newsroom say they’re so disgusted by JLo’s addition that they’d stop watching. Is that sentiment shared?

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