Watch it

Giants vs. Dodgers (7 p.m., NBC-11). The rivalry is renewed. Tim Lincecum takes the mound in a crucial inter-division series.

“Friday Night Lights” (10-ish p.m., NBC). NBC-11 has the Giants game again, so this’ll air after it ends. Maybe. Tonight the doo-doo hits the fan: Luke gets benched, Vince is out for revenge, the law comes down on the Riggins boys, and Tami is opposed by a torch and pitchfork-wielding mob.

Record it

“Eureka” (9 p.m., Syfy). It’s time for the town’s Space Week festival. Quirkiness ensues.

“Pillars of the Earth” (10 p.m., Starz). Prior Phillip and William get in a standoff over access to the quarry. Meanwhile, creepy Jack’s artistic talents blossom, and Aliena tries to raise money for Richard’s bid to become a knight. Armor don’t come cheap, you know.

Skip it

49ers: State of the Franchise (10 p.m., CSN-BA). Ooooh, a press conference to talk about how the team might do months from now. Waste o’ time. Just watch the games when the season finally starts and stop trying to interrupt baseball season.

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