Watch it

“Burn Notice” (9 p.m., USA). A mission goes awry, and the gang has to save Fiona from a bunch of ‘roided-up idiots who’ve moved to Miami from the Jersey Shore. Oh wait . . . .

“Jersey Shore” (10 p.m., MTV). Season premiere. Another season of jaw-dropping stupidity, this time in Miami. It’s so, so awful, but wow, is it watchable. It’s so worth tuning into just for the unintentional comedy. Check out this tour of their new place (though I think I’d want a biohazard suit if I walked through there):

Record it

“Project Runway” (9 p.m., Lifetime). Season premiere. Heidi and Tim are back, and Selma Blair guest-judges as the eighth season gets under way with a new 90-minute format.

“Boston Med” (10 p.m., ABC). Doctors discover a mistake was made during an operation on a baby born with a heart defect.

“Futurama” (10 p.m., Comedy Central). The Professor invents a time machine that only goes forward. Oops.

Skip it

“The Universe” (9 p.m., History). A look at the Seven Wonders of the Solar System. Worst . . . travel show . . . ever. Like you’re ever going to get to Enceladus or see Olympus Mons. What a tease.