She'll be back. (FX photo)

DirecTV is swooping in to save another critically praised but under-watched series. Much like it did with the about-to-get-canceled “Friday Night Lights,” the satellite TV provider is giving new life to FX’s “Damages,” announcing Tuesday that the legal thriller will return for two more 10-episode seasons. The big difference between the two deals: While “Friday Night Lights” is getting rebroadcast on NBC, “Damages” won’t be shared with any other network. So “Damages” fans who don’t get DirecTV are out of luck, at least until the DVD set is released.

In its first two seasons, the series won a Golden Globe and four Emmys, including Glenn Close for Best Actress in a Drama last year for her role as bulldog attorney Patty Hewes. “Damages” is nominated for five Emmys this year.

I’m kinda split on this; I like how DirecTV is giving seemingly doomed shows a reprieve, but I question whether “Damages” deserves one. Its plots are so labyrinthine and filled with red herrings that it’s far too easy to spin out of control (see Season 2 and the Season 3 finale, especially) and ruin the dramatic impact (see what happened to “24”).  Plus, Season 3 ended with a satisfying, series finale-like sense of closure. Like “Scrubs” showed last year, sometimes a second chance at life can backfire on you.

We shall see. Production on Season 4 will start in the new year, so it’ll probably air next summer or so.