Oops.I fast-forward through commercials so I missed it, but my eagle-eyed girlfriend pointed out this typo last night on a commercial for an upcoming Giants game. Um, someone needs to tell NBC-11 (KNTV, San Jose) that the most famous current athlete in the Bay Area, two-time reigning Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum, doesn’t have a “y” in his name. I’ve made my share of typos through the years, but this one . . . . yikes, that’s bad, on so many levels.

Kinda reminds me when I worked at a certain East Bay newspaper years ago and the screaming, giant headline on the travel section read “EYGPT.” (I thankfully had nothing to do with that; we discovered the error after the section had already printed. Oops.)

Just goes to show, a good copy editor is a valuable thing.