A quick look at what The CW will roll out in the fall. All two shows.


An action-thriller based on the ’90s French movie “La Femme Nikita” (this is at least the third American remake) starring Hong Kong superstar Maggie Q (“Mission Impossible III”). She’s an assassin who’s gone rogue, and is now going after the organization that turned her into a killer. No points for originality, but you know what? The trailer intrigues me. Maybe I’m just a sucker for hot chicks and shootouts. (Hey, it worked for “Alias.”)


Huh, it’s not about WWII fighter pilots in the Pacific after all. Instead we get Ashley Tisdale (“High School Musical”) in a soapy cheerleading drama set at a college in the South. Looks like nothing I’d ever watch. In fact, based on this clip, it might be the stupidest show ever made.