Here’s a quick look at the new series ABC will be rolling out this fall:

“No Ordinary Family”

Michael Chiklis (“The Shield”) stars in this fun-for-all-ages action series about a family who gains superhero abilities after their plane crashes into the Amazon. Think a live-action “The Incredibles,” mixed with a bit of “Heroes.” Personally, it’ll be tough seeing Chiklis’ bald dome without thinking of Vic Mackey.

“Detroit 187”

A documentary-style series about Detroit homicide detectives starring Michael Imperioli (“The Sopranos”). Looks like a “Homicide” wannabe (that’s not a bad thing), with a bit of “Cops” thrown in. Could be really good and gritty.

“The Whole Truth”

A court drama (geez, can’t get enough of those) starring Rob Morrow (“Northern Exposure,” “Numbers”) and Joely Richardson (“Nip/Tuck”)  that follows both the prosecution and defense sides of cases. Like “Law & Order,” with just the “Order.” It’s a Jerry Bruckheimer production, so whatever it is, it’ll be big. Just not necessarily good.

“My Generation”

A drama following a high school’s Class of 2000, and all their achievements and travails, shown in flashbacks over the past 10 years. Sounds a lot like the short-lived “Reunion,” minus the murder mystery. But why would anyone want to revisit the Bush years?

“Body of Proof”

Dana Delany (“Desperate Housewives”) stars as a neurosurgeon who gets into a car crash, loses her skills and has to become a medical examiner. (Who plays by her own rules!) Sounds like an update of “Quincy.” Mmmm, another dead-body show. Awesome.

“Off the Map”

A coming of age drama about a bunch of idealistic young doctors practicing in South America. Like “Grey’s Anatomy” in the jungle. Caroline Dhavernas (“Wonderfalls”) stars.

“Better Together”

A sitcom starring Joanna Garcia (“Privileged”) about two sisters and their different romantic attitudes. Yawn. The overbearing laugh track alone makes me want to never watch this.

“Happy Endings”

No relation to the indie movie from a few years back. This is an ensemble comedy about a group of friends and how their relationships change after a couple in their little group breaks up. It stars Elisha Cuthbert (“24”), which doesn’t bode well. Doesn’t look too, too bad though.

“Mr. Sunshine”

Matthew Perry (“Friends”) is back on TV, this time playing the manager of a sports arena in the midst of a midlife crisis. Allison Janney (“West Wing”) plays his weird boss. Looks like it has potential.