A quick look at the new shows on NBC’s fall lineup.


J.J. Abrams (“Lost,” “Alias”) is behind this action series about a pair of married ex-CIA agents who find themselves sucked back into the spy business. Say no more, I’m in.


A sitcom about a guy from the Midwest gets shipped to India to manage a customer-service call center. For those of you who can’t get enough wacky cross-cultural humor. I want to not like it, but there seems to be a “Community”-like vibe that might make it somehow more tolerable.


Jimmy Smits stars as a playboy former Supreme Court justice who – say it with me now – plays by his own rules. So he goes into private practice and fights for the little guys. I like Smits, but this looks like pretty much every lawyer series since “L.A. Law.”

“The Event”

A conspiracy thriller with parallel storyline: In one, Blair Underwood (“L.A. Law”) plays the president who gradually learns of a top-secret CIA program; in the other, a guy discovers his missing girlfriend is somehow linked to a massive plot. This looks good. I just hope it doesn’t become the next “FlashForward.”

“Love Bites”

Jordana Spiro (“My Boys) and Becki Newton (“Ugly Betty”) star in this hourlong ensemble romantic comedy anthology about love, sex and modern life. It’s being compared to “Love, American Style,” but since I’m not old enough to remember that, I’ll say it looks verrrry “Sex and the City” (appropriate since it’s written by a “Sex” veteran). Also in the revolving cast: Greg Grunberg (“Heroes”), Kyle Howard (“My Boys”), Craig Robinson (“The Office”) and Pamela Adlon (“Californication”). Looks kinda funny, could be a hit.

“Harry’s Law”

Kathy Bates stars as a big-time lawyer who – you guessed it – plays by her own rules, loses her job and opens a practice out of a shoe shop. Sounds very “Ed”-like. It’s from David E. Kelley (“Ally McBeal,” “The Practice,” “Boston Legal”), so expect super-quirkiness.

“The Cape”

An action drama about an honest cop who’s framed for a murder, and is forced to go underground and live as a crime-fighting superhero. Looks very Batman-like. Could be good.

“Perfect Couples”

A romantic comedy sitcom about three couples and their misadventures. Looks like a less funny “Love Bites,” and oddly enough, Kyle Howard’s in this one too.

“Friends With Benefits”

Looks like the singles version of “Perfect Couples,” which is itself a version of “Love Bites.” Wow, NBC seriously has three series that look waaaay too much alike. Weird. This one’s a romantic comedy about five single friends looking for love, who settle for each other in a pinch. Looks decent enough, but I can’t see watching three shows about the same thing. Pick one.

“Paul Reiser Show”

Paul Reiser stars in a family comedy based on his life. Looks like a sitcom version of “Men of a Certain Age.” Only . . . . less.