Wow, someone call 911, it looks like Jack Bauer went on a rampage over at CBS and killed half its lineup. Though that wouldn’t be quite as shocking as what really happened: Typically complacent, serene CBS boldly cleaned house, canceling seven series today.

Say goodbye to “Gary Unmarried,” “The New Adventures of Old Christine,” “Miami Medical,” “Accidentally on Purpose,” “Ghost Whisperer,” “Cold Case” and “Numbers.” Ehhh, I’ve never been a fan of any of those, so I don’t see it as any great loss.  “Medium” and “Rules of Engagement” both survived the carnage and will return.

Rumor has it “Old Christine” and “Ghost Whisperer” might still find new homes, possibly on ABC.

CBS will be banking on a slate of new shows in the fall, led by the remake of “Hawaii Five-O” (starring “Moonight’s” Alex O’Laughlin, “Lost’s” Daniel Dae Kim and “Battlestar Galactica’s” Grace Park) and the adaptation of the Twitter feed “S*** My Dad Says,” with William Shatner.

Meanwhile, over at The CW, “Life Unexpected” and “One Tree Hill” both got renewed.