Though the networks won’t officially release their fall lineups until next week, word is leaking out of Hollywood on what “bubble” series have been renewed and which have been canceled.

The big news: “Law & Order” is being canceled after 20 years. It’s the end of an era, I suppose, even though I stopped watching sometime during the Benjamin Bratt years. All the other “L&O” spinoffs will still be around though. Look for the final episode May 24, though it won’t be a proper series finale.

On the renewal side, NBC picked up “Chuck” for a fourth season, not a big surprise there but welcome news nonetheless. It really seemed to find its gear this season. It’ll get a 13-episode run, like this year, that may be added to. Also returning, in a bit if a surprise, is ABC’s “V.” The alien invasion series was off the air for four months and got meager ratings when it came back, but apparently they were good enough for another 13-episode season.

The news isn’t so good for ABC’s other sci-fi series, “FlashForward.” It’s dead. No big whoop. Also off ABC’s slate: “Better Off Ted,” “Scrubs” and “Romantically Challenged.” No big surprises there. “Castle,” however, is coming back.

No official word yet on “Heroes,” but it appears dead. Rumor has it NBC is considering either a TV movie or six-part miniseries to give the show closure. (UPDATE: It’s official: “Heroes” is dead. Though a movie may still be possible.)

Fox is bringing back both “Lie to Me” and “Human Target” (that’s a bit of a pleasant surprise).

And earlier this week, Comedy Central canceled “The Sarah Silverman Show.” Again, no bit surprise there. The annoying factor was just too high for me.

UPDATE: NBC has pulled the plug on its two medical dramas, “Mercy” and “Trauma.” And it looks like “Life Unexpected” and “One Tree Hill” will be back on The CW, though with shorter seasons.