Watch it

“Amazing Race” (8 p.m., CBS). The final three teams race for a million dollars in San Francisco. Dammit, I missed them again! How cool would it be to be walking through Golden Gate Park and suddenly see the Amazing Racers running past you? Maybe next time. And go cowboys — if anyone else wins, I’ll be bitter.

“The Pacific” (9 p.m., HBO). Sledge and his 1st Marines face brutal fighting on Okinawa.

“Breaking Bad” (10 p.m., AMC). As the family awaits word on Hank’s condition from the hospital, Walt gets an clue that working for Gus might not be good for his health.

Record it

“Jesse Stone: No Remorse” (9 p.m., CBS). Another installment of the occasional TV movie series has Tom Selleck investigating a series of mob-related murders in Boston. And can you believe Tom Selleck is 65?

“Masterpiece Mystery” (9 p.m., PBS). Another installment of “Foyle’s War” has racial tensions on the rise in an English town where black American servicemen are stationed.

“Treme” (10 p.m., HBO). I’m going to be three weeks behind now. That’s OK, I’ll catch up after “The Pacific” is over. Tonight, a parade is held to welcome back displaced residents.

“Iron Chef America” (10 p.m., Food Network). Newest Iron Chef Jose Garces takes on Chef Kelly Liken from Vail, Colo.

“Boondocks” (11:30 p.m., Cartoon Network). Last week’s season premiere got record ratings.

“Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!” (12:30 and 12:45 a.m., Cartoon Network). It’s so weird, it’s kinda awesome. And Richard Marx guest-stars!

Skip it

“America: The Story of Us” (9 p.m., History). It’s like the CliffsNotes version of the Civil War and Westward expansion. How do you squeeze all that into two hours?