It was kinda cool to see a reunion of two of my favorite “Deadwood” actors last night on “Justified.”

The late, great HBO Western series starred Timothy Olyphant as the angriest sheriff in the Dakota Territory, and W. Earl Brown played Dan Dority, one of Al Swearingen’s henchmen. On the current FX series,  Olyphant stars as a U.S. marshal, basically a modern-day version of Sheriff Seth Bullock, and last night’s episode featured a guest appearance by Brown as a violent, hostage-taking convict. That was fitting, seeing as the last time we saw Dan Dority he was gouging an eye out of George Hearst’s goon in a brutal, muddy wrestling match. Here it is again, just for kicks:

On the subject of Brown, I just ran him through and realized he played Warren, Cameron Diaz’s mentally disabled brother, in “There’s Something About Mary.” Wow.