Warning, nothing but spoilers ahead.

OK, so was that action-packed enough for you?

Last night’s episode of “Lost” was pretty much one big action scene (well, the scenes on the island at least). Overall I liked it, mostly, even though it was only the third-most thrilling TV I’ve seen already this week (sorry, it just can’t compare to the end of “Breaking Bad” and the Iwo Jima landing on “The Pacific.”) And the deaths? Pretty stunning.

But for me, the deaths didn’t resonate emotionally. Maybe it’s because we only saw them reunited for about two minutes in the past two episodes, it still hadn’t sunk in yet. I know some people who bawled through the last 15 minutes, but I thought the existence of the alternate universe really took away the impact of the deaths, especially Sun and Jin’s. How can you really mourn someone when they’re seen doing fine and dandy in the next scene? Charlie’s death a few seasons ago hit a lot harder, since it had a greater sense of finality. This just felt like “Well, that sucks. But we’ll see them again.”

Actually, the most emotional scene was Alt-Locke describing how he crashed his plane and turned his beloved father into a vegetable. But gripping as that was, I still have no clue where they’re going with all the alt-universe storylines. I think if we knew what the endgame was and what the stakes actually were, we’d care more. Or I would, at least.

I’ve seen a lot of Internet chatter lamenting how Jin let his daughter become an orphan rather than save himself and leave Sun, but I think they both knew by that point that neither one of them was leaving the island alive. Which begs the question: How is anyone getting off the island now that the sub is sunk and the plane’s pilot is dead? I’m going to go out on a limb and say Penny’s boat somehow comes back into play. But I think we’re going to see a few more characters die first, maybe even everyone on the island (though I somehow can’t see them killing Hurley). Maybe everyone (or most of them) has to die in the real universe in order for the alternate universe to become complete, or something like that. Like, their consciousnesses (or souls or what have you) will transfer over to the alt-universe so everyone ends up alive. Sorta.

I don’t know, I’m trying not to speculate too much at this point. With only two episodes left before the finale, we’ll get all the answers (or lack thereof) soon enough. And I still think that the episodes can’t really be judged until the season is over. Each one is like a chapter of a book, and until we know the ending, and how they all tie together, it’s kinda pointless to guess.

I’m not going to nitpick too much either, like, why it would take the sub so long to surface when they were only in the lagoon? (And if they were deeper, how did anyone survive the pressure?) Or why didn’t the Losties have invincible UnLocke attack the sub and draw fire from Team Widmore? Or why did Sayid just leave Desmond in the well? Whatever. I’m on board with the whole suspension of disbelief. Just give me a resolution in the end.

But more and more, I’m accepting the fact that there are going to be a lot of questions left unanswered (like what deal did Sun make with Widmore, and what was up with Sayid’s zombie self?). I just hope they tie up enough to make it a satisfying ending.

I know I probably sound like a party pooper, but I really did like the episode, despite its faults. Tons of action, lots of plot movement and bold moves (what other show kills off half their cast?), it tremendously raised the stakes by showing anyone could die, and we got a real sense that we’re leading up to one epic battle at the end. I say bring it on.

So what’d you think? Did you shed a tear for Sun & Jin? What’s Widmore’s gameplan? Is Jack the new Jacob? (The candy bar scene with him and Claire was a mirror image of the one with Jack and Jacob last season.) And what’s up with Ben, Richard and Miles? (And no, I don’t think it was them who rigged the plane with explosives.)