HBO has announced the premiere dates for its summer lineup. Season 3 of the vampire soap “True Blood” will debut at 9 p.m. Sunday, June 13, a week after “Treme” ends. That’ll be followed by Season 7 of “Entourage” (10 p.m.) and Season 2 of “Hung” (10:30 p.m.) starting June 27.

I haven’t gotten into “True Blood,” but I hear it’s an addictive, guilty-pleasure series. Maybe I’ll try to catch up through Netflix in the next couple of months. Word is there’ll be a hot new werewolf in town this season.

I used to love “Entourage,” but it’s gotten stale over the past few years. Last season was an improvement (well, apart from E dating Gollum), so I’m hopeful for a return to greatness. Rumor has it the major plot lines will be Vince’s Enzo Ferrari movie and Ari’s bid to own a sports team (him buying the Clippers would be comedy gold). By the way, Vince – well, technically Adrian Grenier – has cut his hair. So brace yourself.

“Hung” was one of last year’s more pleasant surprises. The series, about a sad-sack but verrry well-endowed high school teacher-turned-man ho, rose above the cheap laughs and titillation and gave us an intelligent dark comedy about a bunch of really sad, lonely characters. I’m looking forward to the new season a lot.

Which show’s return has you excited the most? Am I missing something by not watching “True Blood”? Will Vince be less annoying without his curly locks? Will Ray Decker finally catch a lucky break?