Warning, nothing but spoilers ahead . . . .

"So what've you been up to?" (ABC photo)

I don’t have much to say about this week’s episode of “Lost.” I mean, it was pretty straightforward, at least by “Lost” standards. I usually really enjoy the action-packed episodes, but this one didn’t quite do it for me. Since it was more of a setup piece to the big finale, there wasn’t a big payoff, and I’m fine with that for now. I’m assuming the final (what is it now, four?) episodes will be basically one loooong finale, so now that the pieces are in place, the final battle can start happening.

I did have a few quibbles. Like, did the well get a whole lot shallower? Last week, Locke dropped a torch down the well to show Desmond how deep it was, and correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t it fall down deep enough that we lost sight of it? But this week, Desmond’s stuck on the bottom, maybe 10 feet from the surface. I’d barely even call that “trapped,” he could probably climb out if he wasn’t all broken. That kinda bugged me.

But it didn’t bug me nearly as much as the cheesiest line ever uttered on “Lost”: Lapidus’ lame “Looks like someone got her voice back” after Sun and Jin’s reunion. Wow, way to spoil the moment. Sun and Jin’s dialogue there wasn’t much better: “I’ve never stopped looking for you”; “We’ll never be apart again.” Since when did George Lucas start writing the romantic dialogue?

Their reunion – after what, two, three seasons? – seemed anticlimactic as well. Very understated and quickly overshadowed by Widmore’s double-cross. I thought that was a wasted opportunity, but what do I know? Though I have to admit, I was almost expecting Jin to get his brain zapped as he crossed the pylons to meet Sun. Ouch, that would’ve been brutal. (BTW, why aren’t the pylons working? Hmmm.)

It wasn’t all hate though. I loved Alt-Sun’s freakout after seeing Alt-Locke on the stretcher next to her, it was nice to see all the original Losties back together, and I think it’s interesting that they planted the seeds of possible redemption for Claire and Sayid. (Nice Anakin shout-out from Hurley.) And the line of the night was priceless: Sawyer’s comment on Lapidus – “That pilot looks like he stepped out of a Burt Reynolds movie.” Because he really does. Maybe that’s why he said the cheesy line.

Oh, and as for parallel connections, did you notice the spinal operation Alt-Locke needs is the same one that haunted Real Jack? (The one he talked about where he botched the dural sac surgery, where it all tumbled out like spaghetti.) Maybe this is Jack’s chance for redemption. And did Jack’s dive off the boat remind anyone else of Sawyer jumping off the helicopter? Hmmmmmmm.

So what’d you think? Did Sayid really kill Desmond? What’s it mean now that Jack is on UnLocke’s team? What was the point of Sun losing her ability to speak English? Who do you think is Jack’s ex-wife? Are you buckling up for the final stretch? And how despondent are you that there’s no new episode next week? (We get a rerun; I’m baffled, there are no awards shows, no presidential address, no good reason at all for it. I guess just be glad it’s only a one-week break instead of a four-month one.)