Here’s a shocker: Due to the glut of reruns and lame reality shows on tonight, I’m actually recommending two documentary shows that could make you smarter. Wow. Don’t expect it to last.

Watch it

“Unseen Australia” (8 p.m., Current). A travel doc that explores everything from Bondi Beach lifeguards to Aboriginal social issues. Australia’s an interesting country, this could be good.

“P.O.V.: Food Inc” (9 p.m., PBS). An investigative documentary that examines the American food industry, from meat-packing to organic farming to consumer safety. I’m guessing it’ll be excellent, but disgusting and disturbing enough to make even me think about becoming a vegan.

Record it

“America’s Next Top Model” (8 p.m., The CW). Whitney Port of MTV’s “The City” plays guest judge as the models get big hair.

“In Plain Sight” (10 p.m., USA). Steven Weber guest stars as an FBI agent trying to convince a reluctant informant to go into witness protection.

“Top Chef Masters” (10 p.m., Bravo). Six chefs from Season 1 are back for a chance at redemption. Unfortunately, two of them are Ludo Lefebvre and Rick Moonen, and there’s only room for so much ego in one kitchen.

“South Park” (10 p.m., Comedy Central). In Part 2 of a cliffhanger, gingers threaten to expose Muhammad’s image, enraged celebrities threaten to unleash their fury and Cartman might find out who his dad really is. Sadly, the Muhammad storyline will probably result in terrorist death squads targeting Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Sigh.

“Lopez Tonight” (11 p.m., TBS). With guests Zoe Saldana (“Star Trek,” “Avatar”) and Idris Elba (“The Wire,” “The Office”); she’s super hot, he’s super cool.

Skip it

“The Challenge: Fresh Meat II” (10 p.m., MTV). Just stop. Please.