So if you’ve somehow missed the breathless media coverage, Tiger Woods is back on the golf course. And to commemorate the momentous occasion, Nike has rolled out a new commercial that just boggles the mind.

The voiceover, in a solemn, mildly scolding tone, is Earl Woods, Tiger’s late father. The lesson, apparently, is that Nike heals all wounds, because the ad really has no point or message. Well, other than to promote the brand.

You tell me what’s most disturbing:

— Using a dead man who apparently was a philanderer himself (see story here) to send a message frowning on his son’s philandering?

— Tiger, who has spent the past six months defending the privacy of his family, using his dead father’s out-of-context words to sell Nike golf products?

— Tiger exploiting his sordid affairs as a marketing tool for Nike?

I think my next pair of tennis shoes will be New Balance.