This just in from the NY Daily News: The WE network has greenlit a new reality series called “Sunset Daze,” set at a retirement home in Arizona and featuring “Viagra-fueled seniors frolicking in hot tubs and talking about sex toys.” Kinda like a senior-citizen version of MTV’s hit “Jersey Shore.”

Here’s more from the story:

Filmmakers follow the former cabaret singer and her fun-loving friends as they spend their twilight years at a giant retirement community called Sun City in Arizona.

Viewers can expect steamy scenes in Jacuzzis, a wild night out at a gay rodeo and makeout sessions during happy hour.

An ex-nun boasts about her libido as her pals guzzle buckets of champagne on blind dates.

Read the whole story here, it sounds like a fantastic premise for the next big hit. And pass that link along to your friends.

And I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that it was announced on April 1.