I know I’ve been a slacker with the ol’  blog this week. After a long weekend in Seattle (it was fun, thanks for asking), I’m still playing catchup with my DVR. Aside from “Mad Men,” I’ve watched almost nothing over the past five days.

Adam Richman has a light snack.

Adam Richman has a light snack.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t give my loyal readers (all 11 of you) a heads-up for some quality TV tonight. There’s a great 1-2 punch that spans the spectrum of food shows: “Top Chef” (10 p.m. Bravo) and “Man vs. Food” (10 p.m. Travel Channel). It’ll require a DVR (or VCR if you’re old-school), but it should be a delicious doubleheader.

If you’ve never seen “Man vs. Food,” you’ve really gotta tune in, just once. In a nutshell, host Adam Richman goes from city to city pigging out on the most over-the-top, biggest dishes on the menu. 16 dozen oysters in one sitting? Done that. A 7-1/2 pound burger? Why not? A 2-foot-high plate of insanely hot hot wings? Oh yes. It’s an orgy of gastronomic excess, and it’s kinda awesome. Highbrow? Not so much. But oddly fascinating and fun.

Tonight Adam will be stuffing his face in San Francisco, taking on a jumbo burrito at Taqueria La Cumbre in the Mission, a giant sandwich at Ike’s Place in the Castro, and a 2-gallon ice cream sundae at the geographically misleading San Francisco Creamery over in Walnut Creek. You’ll get a belly ache just from watching.

Meanwhile, over at “Top Chef,” the 16 remaining cheftestants will be be divided into male and female teams and will cook up dishes for a poolside bachelor/bachelorette party. Hmmm, what amuse bouche goes well with tequila shots?

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